Storage Silo and Tank Solutions

Bolted Steel Tank

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Zincalume Tanks for Liquid Storage

These tanks are fabricated using the highest grade of “Zincalume Steel” as MOC; which lasts up to four times longer than galvanized steel. These tanks are used for various application like

Fire Water
Raw Water
Drinking Water
Domestic Water

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Glass Fused Steel Tank – Enamel Steel Water Tanks 

Glass Fused Steel tank (GFS tanks) also known as Glass Lined Steel tanks (GLS tanks) that are built by using the GFS panels. These GFS panels are mild steel sheets that go through a process, where a layer of glass/silicate is fused on them. The key reason for fusing glass with steel is to enhance the overall durability of the panel. Single layered Steel is vulnerable to environmental conditions, causing earlier decomposition/corrosion of the material; hence the fusion of glass prevents that.

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PVC Tank Liners

PVC Reinforced Tank liners are suitable for storage of a large range of liquids. Tank liners prevent the material stored in the tank to keep contact with the tank surface thereby ensuring the stored material to remain contamination free. The main purpose of tank liner is to protect the stored material from coming in contact with the surface of the storage tank thereby preventing any contamination.

Steel Silos

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Flat bottom silos

Flat bottom silos are designed and constructed in accordance with ASTM A: 653 and have analysis certificates. For any kind of large port facilities, our verified product line and proven experience will provide you value well beyond the purchase. With unrivaled levels of expertise and experience, Rostfrei Steels meet the outstanding challenge in the agricultural industry.

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Hopper Bottom Silos 

Hopper Bottom Silos are generally built on fabricated steel structures with the conical bottom made of steel plates and the corrugated sheets performed are assembled with bolts and nuts on circular purlins and vertical stiffeners with waterproof washers, cylindrically above the conical hopper with a sloped roof in the top.

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